Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ten on Tuesday (revisited)

1.  That picture says it all.  If you have one kid or ten there are days where you feel like this.  Like you have been run over by a truck.  I saw alot of moms look like this after the school Fall Festival on Tuesday. Between today (Thursday) and Monday, I have four birthday parties, 2 Halloween parties, a Cub Scout meeting, and a 5K race.  I also just remembered that Pac had an accident the other night and I never changed his sheets.  It dried and he has slept in it for two days.  You can send my Mother of the Year award to my home address.
2.  I have a new trick.  Sometimes, even though I haven't seen the big kids all day, I am worn out from the ride home from school.  They get in the car and it is on.  My new trick is to give them the keys to the house and I just sit in the car.  It's quiet there.  I might read the mail, play on my phone, or just close my eyes and prepare for the afternoon.  Eventually I either hear them screaming or someone comes outside because they need me.  (I think that lady in the picture above got that way by being too needed.  Needed to death.)
3.  I have felt a little extra crazy this past week for many reasons.  One is reason is someone is coming to visit.  If you are a guy who happens to read this blog then you need to know this information.  Every month I have a visitor and before she comes I have some extra crazy days.  This is what you need to know because I know you have either a wife, daughter, or mother.
              *The crazy is real.  It's some kind of hormonal screw up that makes us really sad, angry, tired, and very sensitive.  We aren't faking it.  If we could stop it, we would.  We can't even stop it when we know that's the reason we are crying over nothing or had our feelings hurt by nothing.
               *Your job (if you are a man) is to acknowledge (in your own head) what is happening and then be extra nice.  Just give us some extra love and extra help.  And don't tell us that you know what's going on.  Just don't.  And certainly don't ask that question.  We will hate you.  It will not end well. Don't.
4.  Guess who let me take their pictures?  I am in shock.  Love you big kids.
5.  I am nothing if not obsessive.  I usually get into something and go really hard until I burn out.  Some examples would be Words with Friends on my phone.   Really obsessive for a few weeks and then a quick burnout.  Right now I am so into my Tap Fish  2 fish tanks (I have four now) and this is one of my driveway calming mechanisms.  (By the way, I still sharpen pencils.)
6.  We have been going through each chapter in the book of Matthew during Wednesday night church and 1 Thessalonians on Sunday morning.  Although it's not the main point, I keep hearing about how, as Christians, we are ambassadors for God.  We aren't trying to earn our salvation by doing good things, but because of what Jesus did for us, we are to love the people of this world.  One of the things we talked about is how we live our lives.  Our example.  Does this mean we are perfect?  Absolutely not.  But do we try to live lives honoring our Father? Yes.  I thought about my example.  I know that some of you have told me that you read this blog and know some of my story.  What if you saw me at the Shamrock taking shots at the bar?  Would you still read this or would everything I said suddenly seem very fake?  I can't just talk about my walk with the Lord, I have to live it.  Especially in front of my kids. Thank goodness for amends.  I say "I was wrong", all the time.
7.  Today marks 58 days until Christmas.  Crazy right?  My big kids are not playing with toys anymore, with the exception of Lego's, so I am struggling as to what to tell Santa. I am not an over the top Christmas person.  (Unlike Teresa on RHONJ.  Did you see the reunion?  Tee, what happened to you girl?)  I like to be sensible and thoughtful.  A bunch of presents to open does not necessarily equal happiness.  Emory did say she wanted some rainbow glitter high heels.  Maybe she is my girl.  I will get her some but they will just happen to be in my size, just in case.  (Dear Santa...these would be fun.)
8.  I know why the babies of the family are spoiled.  We can't help it.  When you know how fast they are going to grow, you just try to hold on to every piece of baby you can.  I was always looking forward to the next stage with the older two.  I try to hold Packy back from entering the next stage.  Today I watched him get out of the car and carry his school bag into the building and I teared up.  My tiny baby walking into school by himself.  I hope he is not rotten, but he is for sure spoiled. 
9.  Coldplay has a new album.  Get it.
10.  I say really dumb things all the time.  One on one conversations I can usually handle but I get too nervous during chit chat sometimes.  I come home from events and think about what I said to people and wonder if they think I am a complete idiot.  Or did they even understand what I was trying to say?  My mom admitted that I get this from her.  Of course this is something Betsy and I have made fun of her about for years.  There are a few classic moments that I can think about today and laugh out loud.  In case you were unaware, I am turning into my mother.  As a 37 year old I have come to realize that is a good thing and I just laugh at myself when I think of the dumb things I said in a nervous moment.

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