Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ten on Tuesday (Holiday Style)

You know how if there is a holiday on Monday, your trash pick up is pushed back a day?  I follow that procedure.

1.  First day of school, last day of school pictures are my favorite. I always have a BIG sticky note to remind myself.  What a year.  Notice the new picture spot?
 2.  Summer is off and running.  I made a poster of all the things we wanted to do this summer and we have started crossing things off the list.  The New York people flew in for the weekend and we had a family gathering to celebrate my Nana's 90th birthday.  All of my cousins (except one, who just moved to Chicago, and whose wife gave birth less than 48 hours after the party) came with their families.  My dad's cousin and his family flew in from DC to be the surprise guests.  I love spending time with family.  Catching up and getting to know each other's kids is so fun.  After lunch we had some sharing time and everyone sat in the family room and talked about Nana.  It was fun to see the kids really listen and be entertained with stories about their great-grandmother.
3.  Don't you love how the pool makes the kids so tired?  Mine are asleep as soon as their heads hit the pillow.
4.  Jason and I have still been getting up in the morning at our regular time.  I am hoping to keep this up because it really helps me to stay on my schedule.  If the kids want to sleep late that's fine (as long as they get up in time to get to the gym) but I need to have my quiet time before they get up and the day gets going.  I don't think there is a realistic way to "schedule" the summer.  I love letting the kids stay up and not feel chained to a bedtime like I do during the school year.  I also love spontaneity.  Yesterday I was dropping Jay off at a friend's house and got to steal an hour to catch up with my friend, despite the groceries roasting in my car.  The point is, if I still get up early then I still make my time with the Lord a priority and I am not trying to fit in in during my day.
5.  These two had the best time together.  She loves her Packy and only attacks him if it is necessary.  This trip he remained scar free.
6.  Jason and I have started a Paleo diet. Let me just say that I am not trying to lose weight but make better choices in my food intake.  I was up to cereal for two meals a day and if it was a cookie making day then I probably ate a cup of butter.  Being on this has forced me to actually eat and think about what I am putting in my body.  I also wanted to see if I could actually get off of sugar and I did for about 5 days.  I did eat cake at the birthday party and I did make cookies yesterday.  The point is to make better choices.
7.  I made homemade samoas.  You know, the girl scout cookies?  They were labor intensive. All day.  But they were good.  Super sweet.
8.  We had a cookout last night.  I figured since we worked so hard to get the house ready for the birthday party (thanks Mom, Dad the window cleaner, and Jason), that we should keep enjoying it.  We got a new grill and invited some friends over for burgers.  This is what summer is all about to me.  Being with friends.  Kids running around.  Good food.  And there is nothing better than ending the night with kids catching fireflies.
9.  Sometimes I can get disconnected during the summer.  I am not running into my friends organically since everyone is on a different summer schedule.  I need people so I have to be intentional about connecting.  Make the effort to see people.  Pick up the phone if the kids are occupied.  Invite people to my home.  This comes naturally to some people, but not me.  I could isolate, but then I get lonely and anxious.  Be proactive in your relationships.
10. I am a bad sunscreen applier.  To me and my kids.  I always have crazy burns where I don't pay attention. I haphazardly apply and then forget to re-apply.  If you happen to send your kid to the pool with me remind me to take my time. I would hate to burn your kid.  

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