Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1.   We are officially renters.  We are renting our birdhouse for a few months while we close on our new house.  The cool thing is that our house was not for sale.  Another cool thing was that God gave me peace during this entire process.  So basically a real estate agent called me before Christmas and wanted to know if we were up for selling because she had a couple who liked our house.  I didn't call her back.  She called again.  I asked Jason about it and he said just let them look.  So I cleaned (like crazy) and let them look.  I thought if it didn't work out at least my house was clean for the holidays.  But they did like it and we worked out all the details and as of January 14th I no longer own my house.  God's hand was on this the entire time.  Jay and Packy share a room and we have been talking for a while about how Jay needs his own space.  (He often requests alone time to play legos or draw.  He needs quiet sometimes to settle his fast moving brain.)  I think God also knew that I could not handle the pressure of listing my house and having to be ready for a showing at anytime.  So he took care of everything for us.
2.  I'm not going to tell you where my new house is but once again God is in the details.  It has a bedroom for everyone, a playroom, a big backyard, and my dream (but not a requirement)....a mudroom.  I have put more time into designing the mudroom as I have any other room.  We will be close to church, school, and Kroger.  Perfect.
3.  Have you ever been grateful to the point of being overwhelmed?  That's where I am.  As my pastor likes to say, "This is your God!".
4.  Jay and Jason spent the weekend with the cub scouts on the USS Yorktown. It is a huge aircraft carrier in Charleston and they got to spend the night on it for 2 nights.  Jay had a blast.
5.  Emory and Packy and I stayed at home.  It's funny how the dynamic changes with 2 people gone. Friday night they just played together.  I stayed up until midnight (normally I am asleep before 10) to finish The Girl Who Played With Fire. They each had a birthday party on Saturday and then we went to Burger King. It's a brand new BK with an amazing indoor playground and if you are a kid in Macon, it's the place to be.  I have yet to go and not run into people that we know.  I don't eat BK.  I really can't stomach fast food which makes me a roadtrip nightmare.  The great thing about our new Burger King is that they don't care if you bring food from another place to eat, so my friend and I went by Jim Shaw's and picked up some fried shrimp plates.  We did order all of the kids food at BK.  It's a win-win.
6.  I don't do cold.  I am over it.  Once I am cold, I can't warm up.  I can take up to 3 showers or baths a day just to warm up (my skin is really ticked about this).  I drink coffee and hot chocolate, stand on heater grates, and warm up my car before school if it is below 40.  I think I could be an island dweller.  75 degrees and above year round would be perfect for me.  I don't need seasons and love a good hot Christmas.  Skiing used to be something I enjoyed and now I really could care less about that.  I am happiest when it is warm. 
7.One of my projects while Jason was gone was to organize my recipe binder.  I did not have all of the recipes organized by category so I sorted them all on my bed.  I had to laugh when I realized that my dessert recipes outnumber all of my other recipes combined by about 8 to 1.  I am a sugar crack-head.   I am serious about that.  Moderation has never been one of my strong suits.
8.  I have not been taking a ton of pictures.  When it starts to frustrate me more than it is giving me joy I put it down.  I do not do well under pressure. 
9.  Betsy said I was not allowed to skip any more Tuesdays.  She thinks I can at least get it together once a week to blog.  I used to blog more than once a week but they were thoughtless therefore effortless posts.  I do actually think about this blog.  And pray over it.  And pray for those who read it.
10.  Thank you for the response to my appearance on the Flourishing Mother.  It was such an honor to be on Andrea's blog. 


Anonymous said...

I found the comment button---I was looking in the wrong spot.I will be a steady reader of your blog---it's very interesting to hear about ya'll's family. SO excited abou the new house--your mOM was telling us about how all of that happened. We serve an awesome God, don't we and He is always surprising us! HE is so GOOD!

cindy Peed said...

Weel, I';m commenting again so I can figure out all this info.

natalie said...


I just finished The Girl Who Played with Fire triology and loved it!

Normally I'd tell you that I love winter because it's such a change, but I am SO OVER IT this year. I'm in honest to goodness desperate need of some warm weather and sunshine. I've got the winter blues BAD.

LOVE your moving story. Just proves that God is in the details. Every single one. I've been reminded of that more times lately than ever before in my life, especially with my dad's surgery.

Hope to see you soon!