Friday, December 10, 2010

Advent Envelopes

Just wanted to give you a brief update of our Advent Envelopes.
Day 1-  Welcome to the Christmas Season!  Enjoy some cinnamon rolls for breakfast (on a school day).  Tonight we will have a Christmas decoration scavenger hunt.  (Scavenger hunt in action above.  10-Santas, 8-reindeer, and the word "NOEL" were some of the things on the list.)
Day 2-  Candy Cane Hunt. 
Day 3- Make a gingerbread house.
Day 4-Work on Christmas puzzles with Dad.  (This continues because I bought a pack of 10 puzzles.  They have finished 3 and are working right now as I type.
Day 5-Watch ELF.  My favorite.
Day 6-Make Christmas cards to take to Nana and her friends (Nana is my 89 year old grandmother who lives at an assisted living home) and our neighborhood firemen.
Day 7-Read the real Christmas story.  Luke 2:1-20.
Day 8-Shop at Wal-mart to fill our Salvation Army stocking.  We picked a baby.  This way we did not have to go to the toy department at all and they could focus on the giving part of the exercise.
Day 9-Go to the drive-thru Bethlehem at the church up the street.
Day 10-Family game Night.
So that's where we are.  We have also read our book every night.  The kids are really enjoying opening a book "present" each night. I'll leave you with this...


Lindsey said...

What a fun Christmas season you guys are having! I must admit that after reading your previous post, I stole your book idea...and my boys LOVE it!!! We are enjoying sooo many cute Christmas stories.

B said...

LOVE the Advent Envelopes!!! I'm definitely stealing that idea!!
Merry Christmas!
P.S. Packy steals my heart! ;)

dana said...

ok..your making me tired...:)
SO sweet..all of it!