Thursday, August 20, 2009

We are sooooo 2

You know how a 2 year old wants to do everything self? At first it's so great that they want to be independent and then you find yourself having to go back and repeat an activity so that they can do it. "I do it!" Today I opened numerous doors that I had already shut including the front door, the car door, and refrigerator door. I also had to put Packy back in the car so he could get out himself. And heaven forbid I turn a light off without his help! My little man.....he is so 2!


Anonymous said...

Mine too! and OCD...what a combo!!!

Andrea said...

you are a awesome mum. =)

Eva said...

Beautiful picture. Hi.. thought I would come by and introduce myself... we are in Karen's class together in January. Looking forward to getting to know you. Merry Christmas.