Thursday, August 13, 2009

Jay and Em's 1st Day

Jay and Emory started FPD today. I was anxious about the drop off this morning but wouldn't you know it...they jumped out of the car and never looked back. I got 2 thumbs up from their teachers when I picked them up and they both shared their favorite parts of the day. Sharing after school? Usually doesn't happen. Our family has really improved our talking skills lately. I am so proud of my 2nd and 1st grader! I love the bottom picture. Packy could not take not being in a picture!


Lindsey said...

So grown have three beautiful children Payton! Glad they had a good first day.

Trish said...

Ran into your mom and Pacs at the post office the other day. You were home cleaning house. That Packy is a doll! I love looking at their brown little legs, white socks and feet all lined up. THIS is what it's all about!