Wednesday, May 28, 2008

We took a bite and now we are back!

We are back from NYC.

We took Jay and Emory for a kids trip to the Big Apple.

Thanks to our awesome travel planner, aka Betsy, we did more than we thought possible.

In fact, we did so much that I am going to post each day as a seperate entry.

Day 1

6:40am flight from ATL

Arrive in NY around 9:30 and get to Betsy's apartment at 10am.

Take a bus to Heschkner playground in Central Park

Picnic with Lee

Ride the merry go round in Central Park/oldest one in the US/super fast

Dylan's Candy Bar (Ralph Lauren's daughter)- Everyone gets a bag to fill with their favorite candy.

Take subway to Grand Central station -see the clock and go to the whispering wall

Walk to Rockefeller Center and go to the Top of the Rock (perfect view of the Empire State bldg)

Go to Nintendo World and play wii Fit/celebrity sighting-Valerie Bertinelli and son

Go to Betsy's "home" park-Hippo playground at Riverside Park (You've got Mail ending park)

Fall in to bed after some take out Thai.

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Trish said...

How cool! I can't wait to find out what happens next.