Friday, May 30, 2008

Day 3 and 4

Ok let's wrap this up.

Day 3-
Breakfast at the City Diner
Bronx Zoo for 7 hours (don't forget Betsy is 8 months pregnant)
Mars 2112 for dinner in Times Square (this a Mars themed restaurant where you take a spaceship to get there and then aliens come and dance around you, do not go here unless you have children ages 2-8)
Toys R Us in Times Square at 10 pm

Day 4-
Church at Redeemer (met Elisabeth Hasselbeck who goes to church there)
Lunch outside eating NYs best thin pizza
Central Park for snacking and playing and people watching
Betsy and I went to Soho for some fabric shopping
Jason and Lee and the kids went to a park that has water flowing all thru it

We had the best time. Every night the children fell in to bed sleeping before their head hit the pillow. Betsy is the best trip planner ever and we are so grateful for all that she did!!! Thanks B.

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