Monday, January 7, 2008

We miss you B

Jason and I went to IKEA yesterday. Packy went too. He did not sleep the entire way up there or during any of the shopping. We went to Ballard Designs Outlet, Atlantic Station (awesome new Atlanta shopping area that has a West Elm-yea!), and then IKEA. We are remodeling our the room we call "the long room". It is 31x9 with tons of windows and two huge openings in to other rooms. We have decided to zone it in to 3 zones: book reading area with window seats and bookshelves, movie watching with a comfy couch, and an office/computer area that will help me keep all of my "paper work" in one organized place. Jason had never been to IKEA and he was overwhelmed with the amount of stuff they have. We bought nothing but I made him sit on tons of couches and chairs so he could get a good feel and know what we needed when the time comes. Packy was amazed at all of the lights and people. Jason really wanted Betsy to be there with us so she could give her "clean lines" New York opinion. Packy and me agree-we miss B!

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Betsy said...

Awwwww. I miss yall too! That was too sweet. I think you and Jason have great taste and will do an excellent job. I think you will even surprise yourself with how much you will like the end result.