Sunday, January 6, 2008

Tybee Highlights

We had a great time at Tybee for New Years. Good food, good friends (aka family), good times.
Thanks Mom and Dad!
Emory LOVES to swing on the porch.
Hattie has a new smile and some new hair. See the curls in the back? I put it in a pony tail but her mom did not like it.
Jay loves to dig big, big, holes at the beach.

Packy liked crawling on the beach and eating sand and shells.

This is the car dump. Everyone in the family has a bag. Jay and Emory also each have a toy bag. I also have an "electronics" bag that carries the camera, wii, cell phone chargers, etc. Since Jason was post-op on this trip I carried everything to Tybee and back to Macon. No need to worry about his operation. It just means that we will not be having any more kids.

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Andrea said...

LOL. Hope Jason is feeling better soon.
Cute pics from the beach!!