Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1.  If you are trying to win the "Crazy Mom" award for the 5th grade at my school, give up now.  I'm a sure bet.  In the bag. I know I have 3 teachers on my side and one of them isn't even currently teaching my child.  This is a new award for me.  I have been the stressed out mom, but never the straight up crazy mom.  Let's just say 5th grade is kicking my butt, and I am not handling it well.  This is the first grade where we have really had to study and not just memorize.  We went from handouts on the Arctic to a full blown high-school looking text book in Social Studies, complete with tests that cover 4 or 5 chapters.  I'm a little stressed out.  In order to win this award, you must cry on a teacher's answering machine (seriously alarming her husband), text a teacher and tell her you can't call her because of your tears, have numerous, lengthy discussions with parents who had children in 5th grade last year and beg for guidance, and most importantly, cry, hand your husband the text book, and tap out.
2.  The ridiculous thing is that Jay is doing great.  He made a 93 on the test that I lost sleep over.  That's right, lost sleep over a 5th grade test.   Jason is again the voice of reason.  Reminding me that if Jay doesn't do well on a test it's a good learning process for him. (I should really start apologizing to Jay now for having him first.  That first child just doesn't stand a chance with a crazy mom.  My mom started apologizing when I was in my 20s.  I don't know if her mom has apologized to her.)  Jason is really good at calling me out on how I talk to the kids.  Not necessarily what I say, but the tone and demeanor I have when I say it.  Because of his tone, I can take it when he says, "If you look at him like he's an idiot (when we were studying), he's going to feel like an idiot."  He's right.  Ugh.  Parenting is so hard.
3.  I give up.  I am an organic/homemade snack fail.  (Fail is my kids new favorite expression.  "Mom you're a fail" is not what I want to hear. Ever.)  I tried.  I really did. I watched the movies and I read the books and I tried.   But it's hard and we are busy. (And expensive.  Organic milk is tough to buy at $6+ a gallon.) Now I have to send snacks for after school activities in addition to lunch a couple of times of week.  I'm going to be honest right now and tell you that I went to Sam's and bought a boatload of crap.  Individually packaged crap.  And I do feel a tiny bit guilty about it, but not really.  It's making my life easier to not have to be up at night making cookies or granola bars.  Now, I can enjoy baking when I want to.  And for the record, I make healthy dinners most nights and always a good breakfast for Jay. We drink mainly water.  My people eat a ton of broccoli, so don't be judging.
I know right?  Betsy said it was disgusting.  I told her to shut it.  She's so bossy.
4.  Are you already Christmas shopping?  I have not started, but did put the Christmas List app back on my phone.  This is a great app and helps me track of all of my gift giving and decorating expenditures. I really love this app.   (I just emailed my sister to tell her to call me.  I can't find my phone.)
5.  Just found a website called Wheresmycellphone.com.  Put in your number, they call you, and it's free.  My phone was under the couch.  (If I start getting spam calls, I'll let you know.)
6.  It's weeks like this that I look back and wonder what people might think if they are reading my blog for the first time.  If their impression is that I am a mess, then they are probably right.  Welcome to the birdhouse!
7.  Jason and I are missing our annual Return Visit at TRC (happening right now).   We are both really sad about it, but we just couldn't make it happen this year. Return Visit is for alumni of TRC, from 1974 to present.  Alumni can come to any of the six Return Visits that are put on throughout the year and they are so valuable to a person in recovery and their spouse/family.  You get to connect with people you went to treatment with, meet people that went before/after you, and basically recharge your recovery batteries with process groups and education classes. October has traditionally been the month we go, and it was really hard to tell the people we have gotten to know over the past few years that we weren't coming.  One of the most rewarding things about Return Visit is seeing families that you knew were so broken at one time and now, through recovery and God, they are strong again.  There is no greater joy than to see a family that was on the verge of destruction, back together in loving arms.  (If you are currently in a mess, don't give up hope.  I've seen God repair things that, by all worldly standards, looked impossible to fix.)
Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.
Ephesians 3:20-21
(Why do we try to put limitations on what God can do, when he can do more than we can even imagine?  Don't think your situation is too big or too messed up for our God.  He can handle it.)
8.  I don't have any new pictures because I sold my camera.  It was too much for me. I was intimidated and frustrated with it.  Too complicated and too heavy.  No one is paying me for pictures so I don't need a professional level camera.  I sold it on Ebay and hope to buy a simpler camera this week.  And maybe a laptop so I can become an actual blogger.  I am all about simple.   
This sweet puppy wants to be a Ninja this year.  
9.  Emory went to her first University of Georgia football game.  She left our house at 9 in the morning and did not get home until 11 something at night (I was asleep).  She was in heaven.  Tailgating, cheerleaders, and college life in general is right up her alley.  My friend, who took her, videoed her expression when she first came into the stadium and could see the field; priceless.  I just keep having to remind her that college is about 9 years away.  (9 years?  That sounds way to soon. I'm not really prepared for her to shave her legs.  I don't even know when she is supposed to start doing that.)  (I am on my knees for this one. )
10. I may or may not have eaten 20 caramels today.  It's fall and caramel goes perfect with the weather.

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