Saturday, August 23, 2008


My New York children are gone and I am very sad.
I have gotten so used to them being here that it is going to feel lonely with only 3 kids instead of 5. (Wait...did I really just say that?) They are the sweetest girls and I love them like my own! Their mom is pretty great too. She really helped get my house (and life) together over the past few weeks. She really is the BEST sister anyone could ask for and I love her to pieces!
Miss you B, Hat, and Finny!


Anonymous said...

way to make me cry, ok??
i think you are the best too.

Betsy Norwood said...

i didn't mean to be "anonymous"...obviously you know it's me!

Andrea said...

Ok that would make me cry too!!
You guys are cute--and blessed. =)