Friday, June 6, 2008


Thanks to NYC and Jason I am sick at the beach. Low fever and aching body. So, I have been watching movies. Last night 27 Dresses. Not good. Today Dad got here so everyone went to take the Sea-doo out except Packy and me. I watched Juno. Now I have an even worse headache because I cried, OK wept, at the end. It's not sad but it does have a baby, a new mom, and high school love in it so that is enough for me to shed some tears (this is of course factored in with my hormones right now and the fact that I am a big crybaby). I thought it was a really good movie. I usually don't like Jennifer Garner movies but I really liked her in this one. As soon as the movie was over Packy got up so we snuggled a few extra moments. I needed to snuggle with someone who needs me. (Right now he is clapping because the people on Oprah are clapping.) Oh how this sweet baby makes me smile!!!

p.s. it has been 7 months and a few days!!!


Hope Wilson said...

SO PROUD of the 7 months & few impressed! You were missed last night at MG party!

The Preston Family said...

I loved Juno too!!! A movie with a good message, finally!!!