Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Mentor Mom

A girl who used to live across the street from me has always been a mentor mom to me. I don't know if she even knows it. I have always loved how she doesn't sweat the small stuff and gives her children freedom to express themselves. Today Emory had a cute outfit on that she accessorized with a sweat band on each arm, each leg, and around her head. She was quite proud of her outfit and since she has the confidence to pull it off I let her wear it to school. Why not? She is in 4K and has her own sense of style that is very different than my plain jane style. Her teacher thought that she was funny and she was as confident in her outfit after going to school as she was when I dropped her off. The ballet picture is another one that she put together for "her show" that is a continual work in progress. She also picked the pose.

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Anonymous said...

Such a great mom...way to go! So good for E's confidence & self-esteem (not that she's lacking in either-ha!). We need to enjoy these days while they last...HOPE