Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1.  I know it's not Tuesday.  Frenzied is how I would like to describe myself right now.  The past two days have included things like back to school haircuts for everyone, back to school shoe shopping, waiting on the computer for the class lists to be posted, organizing, cleaning, and the kicker...helping Jay finish his last (he had to write 3) book report that is due the first day of school.  (Note to self: schedule a massage.)
2.  I get super excited about the beginning of school.  (Remember this is the year I am going to __________?)  It's better than New Year's Eve to me. A fresh start. Last night we had a family meeting.  I even made (and printed) an agenda for the family meeting.  (I feel some laminating in my near future.)  We went over some new house rules and reminded them of the old ones.  We told them to get excited about Family Game Nights and explained Thursday chores.  We read the student pledge that the school sent us.  Now, if I can only be consistent about enforcing all of this stuff. 
3.  Forget Julie and Julia.  Right now it is all about Payton and Ina (Garten, The Barefoot Contessa).  I went to the library and checked out 4 of her cookbooks and have been cooking my way right thru them. (Yes, I am taking a Paleo break.)  I have yet to cook anything that I didn't like.  She has a way of making vegetables taste so good and don't even get me started on the marinated pork she had me grill.  Yum.
4.  I went to the library because I got a babysitter. I would never take all 3 of my LOUD children to the library. I came home from Tybee on Wednesday and got a babysitter on Friday.  Sometimes you just need to be alone and I really needed to be alone.  I didn't do anything fun like a pedicure or massage, but I was alone.  I ran errands that I wanted to run, like the library.  (Actually, I went to two libraries.  They didn't have all of the books at one so I went to two.  I was in no hurry and libraries are quiet.)
5.  Did I tell you I got an Iphone?  I have had a Go Phone (prepaid Walmart phone) for six months, waiting patiently for my upgrade.  I am in heaven (except the beating my kids off of it part).  This is just another part of my big organization project.  Everything on the phone and not on pieces of paper.  I even downloaded a Christmas List app that has a passcode on it.  Heaven.
6.  Look at this photo project about Where Children Sleep.  Really cool.  My children will look at this for sure.  Sometimes they need perspective.
7.  FYI, this post does not read in chronological order.  So, when I got home last week I was fired up.  I got out all (and I have a bunch) of my Turansky and Miller books and started making some new parenting plans.   I started to refocus my family vision.  I had to ask myself a few times this summer, If I was not lazy or spent too much time on the computer how would my family look? Sometimes I can get stuck in a spiral of this kind of thinking and really stress myself out.  I have to be realistic and remember that the plans I am making include MY children.  Not some other, really calm children I see walking around Macon.  So, I make some plans, try to be consistent with them, and pray.  I love in A Praying Life when Paul Miller says,  "It didn't take me long to realize I did my best parenting by prayer.  I began to speak less to the kids and more to God.  It was actually quite relaxing."  Pray more. Speak (or yell in my case) less.
8.  I still do not feel settled. I have been back one week today and I still feel like I am in catch up mode.  (Did I mention my dryer does not get hot? The part has been ordered.)  My normal routines of getting up early and having a quiet time, going to the gym, and going to meetings have not been reestablished yet.  They need to be, but they haven't.   
9.  Today we go meet our teachers.  Tomorrow we go to school.  Packy is so excited about wearing a uniform.  He even had a practice run and wore it last week.  When I drop this one off, I will cry. 
10.  Jason and I watched some YouTube last night and I was crying.  Not tearing up, but crying laughing at reporter fails.  This one is my favorite.  The best part is the cut back to the studio at the end.  I love to laugh. 

(You can watch the Family Guy version here.)
11. So, I also have a goal of getting my ten done on time. 


D Mac said...

how you do all these things and find time to delight me with your thoughts amazes me. look forward to hearing you in the "Little Room" soon.

Andrea said...

Thanks for the laugh!!!

Ps. I always give myself at least 2 weeks for re entry from vacation. I set the bar low. :)